Hay Festival in Segovia

At last, a new event… The Hay Festival does its thing in the lovely city of Segovia at the end of September. All sorts of writers, artists, musicians – amongst whom this year the formidable and admirable Baltasar Garzón – will be gathering there. Somewhere in the programme will be me; in fact I’m doing two gigs, the first with my friend and travelling companion, Michael Jacobs. Michael and I will be horsing around with Pepa Fernández, whose weekend radio programme on RNE 1, No Es un Día Cualquiera, we have occasionally graced with our presence. That’s at 5:00 on Thursday the 23rd. And then, at 8:00 on Sunday the 26th, I shall be strutting my stuff yet again. I’m on my own this time… a bit of hubris here perhaps, but I was feeling cocky and confident when they asked me, and now, as the day approaches, I’m wondering what on earth I’m going to talk about for forty five minutes. Something may turn up. Of course the whole thing will be in spanish, which will keep me on my toes… but some poor unsung wretch, cloistered in a dark booth will be translating the whole thing simultaneously into english. Rather them than me. See you there”

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